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Welcome to Discover Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Clinic

We want to make people feel better and live healthier lives—both inside and out. Our healthcare practice is built on trust and integrity. We educate our patients and work together to prescribe the right combination of treatment from our full-service approach to wellness.  What makes us different is that we treat not only the bone component  but we also treat all the soft tissues that contribute to back pain a lot of the time.   Discover The Difference, Discover Relief! 

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When Dr. Lambert made the discovery that he could help people by simply using his hands and a table—without the use of drugs or surgery—he knew he had found his passion.  Whether it takes a chiropractic adjustment or soft tissue treatment to help you, Dr. Lambert does whatever he can to help your body function and feel better again.

We love to share our passion for living healthier lives with others. 

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